Setting Up Your Account

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Signing up for AssetData is made conveniently easy!

Go to and input the following details:

  • First Name - input the first name of the person to be registered.
  • Last Name - input the last name of the person to be registered.
  • Email - input the e-mail address of the person to be registered.
  • Plan - from the drop-down menu, select the plan of your choice from the 2 options:
    • Standard
    • Advanced
  • Company Name - input the Company Name to be registered.
  • Site - input the company name. This serves as your domain name for your account.
  • Terms and Conditions - check the box in Terms and Conditions if you agree with the setup.
  • Register Now - click on this for your account to be registered.

Once you have clicked on ‘Register Now’ you will be redirected to the email activation message page.

Verification - open the email address registered and find the email with the subject “Your account is ready for activation”. On the email, select the ‘Activate Account’ button to activate the AssetData account.

  • Password - input a password to access your AssetData account. Password should follow the password requirements:
    • At least one special character.
    • At least one lowercase letter.
    • At least one uppercase letter.
    • At least one number.
    • Minimum of 8 characters.

After setting the password, the page will be redirected to the log-in page with the site address as: user should type the registered and verified email address and password.

Once the registered email and password have been input, select 'Login'.

You have now successfully signed up for AssetData.

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