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Setting Up - Roles and Permissions

How to create a new role and set permissions?

Need another role or permission to be added to your business? Selections are made easy for you to choose.

This feature will let you customise the access for the employee, other users, and teams.

On the ‘Setup’ feature, there are default roles and their access to each description.

If you opt to create a new role, just click on the '+Create A New Role' button on the upper right corner of the page.

Once you have selected all the permissions for the added user, click Save to save the details.

How to edit or delete roles and permissions?

The roles can be changed or removed, in the easiest way there is.

Editing A Role

You can edit role by clicking the pen sign.

The screen will bring you back to Create New Role page. Then update any details needed and click Save.

Deleting A Role

You can delete roles by clicking the trash sign.

After clicking the trash sign an option will appear on the screen.

Click delete if you have already decided to delete the role.

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