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Setting Up - Preference

Choose how you want to setup your platform according to your preferences.

On the setup section, choose Preference. A fillable box will appear.

Fill out the information on the box accordingly:

  • Asset ID Prefix - input the prefix of the Asset ID.
  • Inventory ID Prefix - input the prefix of the Inventory ID.
  • Country - this is auto-populated from your registered country.
  • Timezone - select the timezone in relation to the country selected.
  • Date Format - select the date format you prefer.
  • Time Format - select the time format you prefer.
  • Default Asset Status - from the drop-down menu,select from the following options: Default Asset Status, Lost/Stolen, Operational, Service, Broken, In-repair, Disposed, Unassigned
  • Currency - select the currency you prefer.
  • Default Company - select the company you prefer from the options.
  • Password Expiry - select the date of when the password will expire.

When all details have been set, click Save. Preference has been set.

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