Maintenance - Trash

How to delete data individually?

Want to permanently delete specific data in your trash? You can certainly do that!

On the Trash page, check the box where the data is located.

Then, by clicking the trashcan icon on the right side corner of the screen an option will appear.

Click Delete to delete the data permanently.

How to empty the trash tab?

You may delete your data permanently in the system if you would like to.

You can empty the trash tab by clicking Empty Trash. An option will pop out that the action will affect all the data in the trash. Data will be deleted forever.

Then select 'Empty Trash'.

How to restore data from the trash?

Accidentally put data into the trash? You can easily restore them back to the system.

You can restore data by clicking the recycle symbol on the right side corner of the screen.

  • Click restore if you decide to restore the data.
  • Click cancel if you decide to keep the data in the trash.
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