Import New Sub Location

Adding a big number of sub locations? Worry no more! We got you covered with our Import New Sub Location feature.

On the Sub Locations page, go to the Actions button then select Import New Sub Location.

You will be redirected to the Tools tab where importing is processed.

In the 'Import To:' field, select 'Sub Locations', then click on 'Download Template' to download the template for importing sub location.

When the template has been downloaded, fill out the fields in the excel sheet:

  • Location Name: input the location/s where the asset is located.
  • Sub Location: input the sub location where the asset is located.

Once information is complete and ready for import, go back to AssetData platform import page. On the 'Import To:' section, select 'Sub Locations'.

Then import the location file either using 'Browse File' or 'Drag n Drop', then select 'Next'.

On the next page, you will be redirected to the Map Fields where data fields available are shown, then click on Next.

After the Map Fields page, the data from the imported file data will be shown. Then, select from the preferences on importing the data. Then click Import.

Once the 'Import' button has been selected, it will be redirected to the 'Import Summary' page where it will show that the sub locations file has been successfully imported.

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