How to send Asset Details?

Your asset details can easily be forwarded to others using the send feature.

The platform also has an option to send to recipients even those who are non-users.

On the main page of the Asset Management, select the asset that needs to be printed. Click on 'View' for the asset.

Once the asset details page has loaded, select the 'Email' button on the upper left corner.

When you click on the email button, a fillable box will appear. Fill out the necessary information such as:

  • Recipient: select from the options: Teams, Users or Non-users.
  • Notes (Optional): input any information that you would like to include.
  • Include Files (Optional): tick the checkbox if there are documents that you would like to be included in the asset details.

If the asset details have been successfully mailed, the recipient/s should receive this:

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