How to import new warranty?

The data of your warranty can be added in bulk, in the most convenient way!

On the 'Warranty' page, select Actions then, a list of options will be dropped down. From these options, click 'Import New Warranty'.

After clicking Import New Warranty, the screen will bring you to the Import File Tab.

This is the part where you will import the data using an Excel spreadsheet. You can download the template, fill it out then upload.

On the 'Import To:' section, click the drop-down menu and look for Warranties.

Then, click 'Download Template'. An Excel file will automatically download on the screen.

Open the import_template_warranty. Fill out the required details and Save As.

Go back to the Import Tab. Then select, Browse File.

On the screen, a new window will show up. Look for the excel file where the filled out imported warranty file was saved and Open the Import_Template_Warranty. You can also Drag and Drop the file on the Import Tab.

Check on the screen if the Import Template is properly uploaded. And make sure that the Import To: is appropriately placed to 'Warranties'.

Then, click Next to Save the imported file.

A Map Field will then be seen upon clicking Next. This shows all the categories that were indicated upon uploading the Warranty imported file.

When this has been checked, click Next.

The file now is ready for Import. It will show the details and at the bottom part are the settings that you would like to set on the insurance policies to be imported.

When all of these have been set up, click on Import.

An Import Summary will be shown just like in the photo below:

When the imported file has been successfully added, it will show on the Warranty page.

Having trouble uploading your import file? Feel free to email for assistance.

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