How to add an insurance policy?

Document your insurance policies in the most efficient way possible.

On your Dashboard, select the ‘Insurance Policies’ category.

When you click the '+Add New Policy' button, a new form will appear. Input the information needed:

  • Insurance Policy Name: input the insurance policy name.
  • Description: input the description of the insurance policy.
  • Email: input the email address.
  • Insurer: input the insuring company.
  • Policy No.: input the insurance policy number.
  • Contact Person: input the contact person of the insuring company.
  • Coverage: input the coverage of the insurance policy.
  • Limit: input the limit of the insurance policy.
  • Start Date: input the start date of the insurance policy.
  • End Date: input the end date of the insurance policy.
  • Deductible: input the deductible amount of the insurance policy.
  • Premium: input the premium amount of the insurance policy.
  • Phone Number: input the contact person's phone number.

Once all information has been typed in, click Add to add the new policy.

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