How do I add a new sub location?

If you have more than one subset in a location, use this feature to add other sub locations of your assets.

On your Dashboard, select the ‘Sub Locations’ category.

  • Filter: if you want to filter the sub location you can select the sub location or location or both.
  • Add New Sub Location: input the data about the sub location to be added.
  • Actions: you can do the following:
    • Export Sub Location file to PDF format
    • Export Sub Location file to Excel format
    • Import New sub location: best used when adding new sub locations in bulk.

Clicking on the ‘+Add New Sub Location’ button will have the ‘Add A Sub Location’ form appear:

  • Location: click the dropdown menu options to choose a location.
  • Sub Location: enter the sub location where the asset is located.

Once all needed information is inputted, click on ‘Save’ to add the new sub location.

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