How can I add new inventory?

Go to the Inventory page and select the '+Add New Inventory' button.

Input the information needed:

  • Description: input the description of the inventory details of the asset.
  • Inventory Name: input the inventory name of the asset.
  • Price for Add Stock: input the price for adding stock to the asset.
  • Inventory Category: input the inventory category of the asset.
  • Price for Remove Stock: input the price for the removed stock of the asset.
  • Supplier: input the supplier of the asset.
  • Product Model Number: input the product model number of the asset.
  • Initial Stock Quantity: input the initial stock quantity of the asset.
  • Location: input the location of the asset.
  • Low Stock Threshold: input the low stock threshold of the asset.
  • Inventory Identification Number: input the inventory identification number of the asset.
  • Inventory Files: input either the Image, Invoice or Other Files of the asset.

Then, click Add to save the details of the inventory.

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