Can I reserve an asset?

Reserve an Asset?

Yes, you can! An asset/s can be reserved if you plan to have it checked out in the future.

Reserving an asset can be done by selecting the asset to be reserved. Click on ‘View’ which is the ‘Eye’ icon

On the Asset Information page, a ‘Reservation Schedule’ box is seen in the upper-right. This is where you can select the ‘Reserve’ link and the fillable box wherein you can input the necessary information.

After the Reserve link is clicked, the Reserve Asset Box will pop up. Fill out the necessary details:

  • Asset ID: automatically generated depending on the asset to be reserved
  • Start Date: choose the date that you are reserving the asset.
  • End Date: you may choose your desired end date of reservation
  • Reserved for: input the user to whom the asset is reserved for.
  • Description (Optional):you may enter your description of the asset that you’re reserving.
  • Send Email (Optional): tick the checkbox in case you would like to be notified of the reservation that you made.

Once the information has been filled out, you may click on the Reserve button then the asset is already reserved.

You may check the Reservation Schedule button on the upper right (the same button on the first photo above.)

It will show you the date of your reservation and description (if there are any). Also, it will block the dates of the availability if there was a prior reservation schedule on your chosen date. Please see the photo below:

In the example above, the chosen date was on May 11, 2022 (the date when you made the reservation).

Also, when you preferred to have an email sent to you, you will receive a notification that looks like this:

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