Automated Report

This feature is utilised to automatically send the report of the asset without manually sending it.

Creating An Automated Report

This feature can help you to set up a schedule to send a report automatically. You can add an automated report from the report you choose via the action button.

It has different frequencies that you could choose from as well as the time when it will be sent.

From the Report Categories, select the category where the report will be generated. On the upper right corner, select the Actions button.

From the Actions button, choose Automated Report.

A fillable box will be shown, wherein you need to fill out and choose what kind of report you need and the desired frequency of sending it.

It would also require the Team where the report will be sent.

You could also set the time of sending and the file types to choose from are PDF or Excel.

In the example below, an automated report has been set with the following details:

  • Report Name: Asset Status
  • Team: For warranty (1)
  • Frequency: Daily; Monday to Friday
  • Time to send: 16:00 (4:00 PM)
  • File Type: PDF

Once the information has been completed, just click Add, then the Automated Report that you have set will be shown.

Editing Automated Report

The saved automated report/s can be edited through the 'Edit' which is the yellow icon.

When the button is clicked, you may make changes on the fillable boxes, then click Save when done.

Deleting Automated Report

The saved automated report/s can also be deleted through the 'Trash' which is the red icon.

A prompt box will appear when you click on the Trash icon. Select 'Delete' to confirm the removal of the automated report.

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