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Setting Up - Alert Settings

This feature lets you be reminded of the actions that need to be done on the platform.

Adding Alert Setting

On the ‘Setup’ feature, go to Alerts then go to 'Alert Settings'

Once on the Alert Settings page, select the '+Add New Alert Setting' button and a fillable form will appear.

Fill out the information needed:

  • Name: input the name of the alert
  • Module: from the drop-down menu, select Insurance Policy, Inventory, or Warranty
  • Field: this is dependant on the module selected.
    • If the selected module is the Insurance Policy or Warranty, you should input the expiry date of the Insurance Policy or Warranty.
    • If the selected module is the Inventory, select either Reserved or Low Stock
  • Type of Alert: from the drop-down menu, select either if it's a Push Notification or Email.
  • From: set the start of the alert time
  • To: set the end of the alert time
  • Frequency: select your preferred recurrence of the alert either from Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.
  • Team Name: select the team to which the alert notification will be sent either from the drop-down menu or by adding a new team name.
  • Active (optional): tick this box to activate the alert.

Once the information has been filled out, click Add.

When the alert setting has been successfully added, it will be shown on the Alert Settings page.

Editing Alert Setting

Like all the other features, it also has the option to be edited.

Utilise this by clicking on the pen icon. Then update any details needed.

Deleting Alert Setting

You can delete the alert setting by clicking the trash sign.

Then, click Delete to confirm the removal of the alert setting.

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