Add a Custom Report

You can use the custom report to generate a report with your preference, thus it will be easier for the report to be monitored.

In the Reports section, choose Custom Reports. It will lead you to the page of the current asset/s that are registered on the platform.

The Search bar and Filter on the upper left can be utilised if a large number of assets are registered in the platform and you want to run a report on a specific asset only.

The asset/s can be searched or filtered by typing the category such as:

  • Asset ID
  • Asset Description
  • Assigned User
  • Asset Location
  • Asset Name
  • Purchased Date
  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Brand
  • Supplier
  • Asset Status
  • QR Code
  • Serial Number
  • Category Name

When you click on the Filter tab, the asset/s will be filtered by the categories. By doing so, it would be easier to find the exact asset/s that needs to run a report.

Once you have chosen the asset that needs a report, it can now be saved by clicking Save Report, then Save As.

It will show a box to put on the Report Name, which could also be saved for other users, by ticking the small box beside it.

Click Save.

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