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Mobile Apps
A mobile app is a critical tool for any company that wants high-quality and consistent data to empower their business. It provides a decentralised solution to track assets wherever your users are. You can maximise efficiency by empowering your users to update the status or information of an asset anywhere. The application works offline as well, giving you the mobility to work in any given circumstances, including WiFi dead spots and remote locations.
Custom Fields
Custom fields allow you to effortlessly customise the platform the way that you want it to be by creating as many custom fields as you want with 10 different field types. By adding fields that are relevant to you it will make your asset management more efficient and with the best data allowing you to make the right decisions.

Asset Audit
Your companies financial health, productivity and compliance depends on you knowing where your assets are and who or what they are being used for or by. To know that you must audit your assets regularly, provides a decentralised solution via its mobile application that empowers authorised users to audit assets for you. By doing this you can audit a few or tens of thousands of assets in a short time giving you high quality data efficiently.

Some Assets that you have a shared resource. Allowing users to reserve an asset then tracking when the user checks out then back in the asset means that at all times you know who has the asset and when you also expect it back. Being organised is key to stopping assets from being missplaced or going missing. You can simply check our calendar widget to get a simple overview.

To maximise the value of your assets and to know where they are you can assign locations to your assets, if the location has multiple options then you can also further assign a sublocation to identify a more detailed location. If you have multiple locations making sure assets are at the expected location as well as making sure assets are in use before buying similar assets are procured wasting capital is key. The mobile app also provides GPS coordinates when audited to provide additional information.
Having the ability to plan for preventative maintenance or quickly resolve an issue with corrective maintenance can support you. Preventative maintenance maximises the sustainability, productivity and value of your assets. You can schedule the frequency by asset automating the whole process.

Work Orders
Creating work orders that are synchronised with the Mobile Application makes the maintenance incredibly efficient.
In addition you can precreate task lists for asset types that means it is quick and easy to create a comprehensive and complete work order. Once the Work Order is complete you immediately have the completion or additional tasks alerted to you. In addition you can sign work orders to external vendors and have full transparency of your assets being maintained.

Reminder Alerts
Setting Alerts means that however busy you are, helps to keep you organised and on top of what you need to do to keep your asset management running efficiently and easily. You can enable emails or push notifications for yourself or your users.
Customisable Dashboard
Having a dashboard that shows the relevant information to do your job is key, that is why we provide a customisable dashboard for each user. Whatever your role you can have the data that you want as soon as you login. Simply drag and drop the widgets or charts that you want and in the order that works best for you.

Automated Report
Having a report in your or your teams inbox to review when you want automatically gives transparency to what is happening and action can be taken or data reviewed. You can choose a specific frequency based on daily, weekly or monthly and what time that the report is sent. In addition you can create custom group of recipients who will receive the report.

Customer support team & live chat
We have a dedicated support team that will attend to all your queries and provide great customer service. You can ask for assistance and we will help to maximise your experience using In addition we want your feedback to keep increasing the value we can provide to you.