About Us

AssetData.io is one of the fastest-growing SaaS asset management and maintenance platforms available. With a specialised and passionate team based in Malaysia and Indonesia, we are constantly building and enhancing our platform to meet modern business challenges by being time and cost-efficient while promoting sustainability.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to care and love all the assets in the world.
  • To champion every asset as if it's our own, making sure that they are accounted for in the simplest and most efficient way
  • Maximising an asset's value from acquisition to disposal through high-quality data, customisable processes and mobility
  • Creating a more sustainable future while supporting companies with their environmental goal

Our Vision

  • To help build and maintain strong businesses, by managing and maintaining every asset on a single platform
  • Protect revenue growth and reduce costs for companies by safeguarding their assets for the long term
  • Maximise and prioritising sustainable values for all companies around the world
  • Envision a world where all assets are loved, cared for and accounted for

Our Founder

Andrew Diamond

Founder’s Note

Andrew is a Malaysian-born British tech entrepreneur, whilst having the honour of being the Deputy Chairman of the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce (BMCC). In 2014, he founded IsItUp Dotcom which works primarily to track website uptime. From then on, the company branched out to handle internet speed testing and even developed custom software to troubleshoot company networks and improve its overall performance.

While working closely with his business partners, he noticed the challenges of asset management and noticed a gap in this particular industry. He secured a contract with AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost carrier, gaining incredibly valuable experience to proceed with this venture. We have built products, including fully customised IT solutions for our clients from SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.

With an intimate knowledge of asset management, Andrew has embarked on a mission to seek out all unloved assets in the world - no matter the size of the business. Reflecting our core mission, IsItUp Dotcom was re-branded to Asset Data Solutions in September 2021. We will be looking to stamp our mark globally in the asset management industry for years to come.