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Managing your assets with

No More Spreadsheets

Move away from stale, traditional spreadsheets, and manual data entry. With, you can seamlessly import your spreadsheets and say goodbye to inefficiency.

Every Second Counts

Time is money and your happiness. is a mobile-centric platform that helps you to be efficient and enables your colleagues to help.

Highly Customisable Platform

We empower our customers to have full control of our platform and features.
You can add your own fields and sort them in the order that works best for you, add alerts specific to each case notifying who you choose. 

Personal Dashboard

Seeing the data you need the most, quickly and easily is critical. This is why we want to allow everyone to customise their own dashboard from pre-built graphs to widgets.

Auditing Assets So You Know Where They Are 

A mobile-centric approach to audit assets means you can empower your colleagues to simplify the audit process and have the highest quality data to review.

Real-time Collaboration

Collaborate and work with your colleague across different locations seamlessly.
Easily update asset information, and track its status & condition.

Add Your Assets In Just A Few Clicks

Add assets easily by importing an Excel spreadsheet with a single click. It literally takes seconds to do. has both Android and iOS applications that empower you and your team to quickly add assets from anywhere including photos to give you quality data.

Attach Photos And Documents To Your Asset

Store and update the files that are meaningful to your assets. Once it’s attached to the asset from the web or mobile application, everyone can immediately access them. Have high-quality data in real-time.

Track And Audit Your Assets

Knowing where your assets are, who has them and the condition they are in, is critical data for your business. By automating this process, you save time and the frustration of constantly chasing your team for updates.

Assign Roles And Permissions

Allow your team to only access data or functions that you want them to have by using our default roles. However, we also allow you to customise a role if you need to.

Now available on iOS and Android!

Download the APP now! Track and manage your assets easily using your mobile device.

Save Money, Time & Be Sustainable

Managing your assets efficiently will reduce your carbon footprint. will give you the platform to do this.

Did You Know?

More Features

Advanced Asset Management

Email notifications and push notification to you and your team

Custom Alerts & Notifications

Data import, photo and document attachment, location and status tracking

Advanced User Management

Unlimited users, custom user groups, set roles and permissions

Custom Dashboard & Reports

Drag-and-drop widgets and charts, custom reports

Speak your organization's language

Unlimited custom fields allow you to speak your own language, making easier to everyone to get onboard

Mobile App

iOS and Android app